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Victimsawareness.com is a dedicated social welfare information website, committed to providing information to individuals who have been harmed by negligent medical treatment, dangerous drugs, and dangerous medical devices. Our mission is to educate, enlighten, and empower individuals while raising awareness and promoting accountability for manufacturers of harmful products. We consider it our social obligation to bring awareness to all victims!

Milly Santana

Milly Santana, a highly respected marketing, advertising and media professional, original from the Dominican Republic.  Arriving in New York in 1989 Santana delved into English Studies.  After graduating International Career Institute of New York City with honors, Santana developed a 14 year career as a Bilingual Executive Assistant at prestigious multinational corporations such as Verizon (former GTE), New Zealand Milk and “Coastal” Corporation.  These business experiences provided her with executive, managerial, sales, events and strategic marketing expertise to move her career forward. 

More about Milly

In 2002 at Mid Atlantic News Distributors, a national magazine and newspaper distributor that facilitated approximately 40 national titles, Santana’s sales distribution focus was throughout South Jersey. Within six months Santana had opened 200 new stores to distribute the publications into venues such as chain retailers like 7-11 and Acme Markets.  Her passion for sales was notorious not only with Mid Atlantic News Distributors, but within her sales region.

In 2010 Santana was engaged in a marketing/sales capacity at Cien+ (former XL Alliance), a multicultural marketing and advertising firm that specializes in multi-cultural marketing and advertising for various prestigious brands in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical and spirits’ categories.  Through Santana’s professional style, knowledge and resourcefulness, she had cultivated dynamic and lasting business relationship with  multiple fascinating and significant brands such as Honey Bunches of Oats, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Kroger, Caladryl, Bedoyecta and Miss Dominican Republic U.S. beauty pageant, among many others.   During her tenure at the agency, she was part of the team that put together the 2nd Hispanic Saint Jude’s Hospital Benefit Gala.

With her broad based marketing and advertising persona, complimented by her natural passion for the industry and her desire to become more involved in most of the aspects required to turn a brand into a Hispanic consumer success, Santana succeeded further cultivating her areas of expertise such as: grassroots events, talent management, social media management, copyrighting, event marketing and sponsorships, in-store activations, campaign management, media buy,  business development and brand strategy efforts.

Aside from her proven sales, business development and strategic branding know-how, Santana excelled in her creative copyrighting abilities for campaigns, original content and social media calendars.  This provides with a very unique and rare combination and extremely valuable in the publishing industry…a professional who manages the content and creative side but is also tenured in regards to sales, branding and what the advertisers are looking for in a publication.

In her most recent Marketing/Advertising endeavor, Santana was the National Sales Manager for the Multicultural Retail 360 Summit, a 12 year old marketing conference where prestigious brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Kellogg’s and many others gather once a year to share insights and strategize on how to market to multicultural and mostly Hispanic consumers in the USA.

Santana currently acts as Head of Client Growth at the CulturIntel Department for Cien+ which is a proprietary market research methodology that uses Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Natural Language processing tools to scrape and mine the unbiased, unsolicited voluntary voice of the people across all open-sourced levels of the web, providing industries with unparalleled level of actionable insights that reveal people’s journeys to decision making, brand sentiment, drivers and barriers to treatment for patients, diversity and inclusion practices and much more.

What we do?


Our writers and researchers constantly endeavor to bring to you the latest updates on pending and decided lawsuits and amendments to laws which directly impact the lives of consumers by posting news updates, articles, and blog posts. Our focus is always on simplifying legal jargon for our readers so that you can stay up to date with ongoing and current events in mass tort and consumer litigation.​

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Our writing team works in close nexus with reputed journalists and experienced legal experts to stay up to date with important topics, warn and educate the masses about the latest dangers, promote safety practices, and provide legal resources.

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As part of our initiative we connect individuals with lawyers that specialize in a wide variety of consumer litigation areas, ensuring that victims have an opportunity to seek compensation for their injuries and recover related costs.